At Christies Beach High School we work in partnership with students, parents and caregivers to promote responsible behaviour and positive learning habits based on our four school values of:


 We demonstrate these values together by

  • valuing difference
  • respecting each other's opinions, sexuality and beliefs
  • showing understanding and care for each other
  • trying our personal best

There is a school wide ‘Code of Conduct’ which has been developed in consultation with staff and students to support student success.

Our Middle School structure supports positive relationships between staff and students through:

Transition Week

A ‘transition week’ in Term 1 Week 1, focuses on developing successful relationships and positive work habits.

Modern, welcoming, safe and flexible learning environment.

The Middle School is purpose built with flexible learning spaces. Student comfort and safety is a priority with relaxed and sheltered spaces for students in their breaks, including a dedicated middle school courtyard.

Personal attention to student needs

The Middle School has access to school counsellors, the Aboriginal Education team, targeted intervention and support programs, Year Level Leaders and an Assistant Principal. This provides a wide range of student support.

Students at Christies Beach High School are expected to demonstrate their commitment and responsibility for their own education by:

  • Actively participating in their own learning
  • Ensuring that their behaviour is appropriate and supports the welfare safety and learning of themselves and others
  • Participating in class and school decision making.

Home – School Relationships

Successful home – school relationships are essential to support students’ success. We welcome you to contact the school to discuss any aspect of your child’s wellbeing and learning.