Students are expected to demonstrate positive behaviours for learning.


A consequence of inappropriate behaviour may be that the student will be sent to the Behaviour for Learning Centre (BLC). When a student attends the Behaviours for Learning Centre it is recorded by the supervising teacher on a central school database. Students are expected to complete their work in silence and to reflect on their behaviour.


Year Level Leaders are provided with a daily list of referrals and manage the processes that ensure follow up with staff and students and communication with parents and caregivers. The focus of this is to work with students so they are able to engage in their learning and demonstrate positive behaviours.


Teachers working with our Behaviour Management Policy ensure that they are consistent and consider the circumstances of the student and the needs of the school.



Teachers are encouraged to contact parents and caregivers if behaviour prevents effective learning. Parents and caregivers, like our staff, want the best education for their child. It is essential that we work together in order for students to achieve their potential.