Welcome to Christies Beach High School

At Christies Beach High School our purpose is to work to together with young people and their families to lead and deliver high quality education and care so that every young person has the opportunity to be a successful learner, a confident and creative individual, and an active an informed citizen.

We are a comprehensive Years 8 to 12 secondary school. The school values of Tolerance, Respect, Understanding and Excellence (TRUE) focus on the achievement of personal best for all students. We have high expectations of all students and set aspirational standards for teaching, learning and achievement. 

Our school offers academic and vocational pathways with a strong focus on literacy development. Our highly dedicated teachers and support staff work with students to explore the range of learning pathways that will best support them to be successful and pursue further study, training or employment beyond school. Furthermore, staff provide many opportunities for students to participate in extra curricula activities that add value to the learning experiences at school and further support student personal development.

At Christies Beach High School, learner intervention and support is a high priority to ensure success for all students. Approximately 20% of our students have a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) which is designed to support student access, participation and achievement in the curriculum for students verified with disabilities. Our Special Options program co-located on our site is a special education unit that caters specifically for 62 students with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Furthermore, our school is renowned for the flexible learning programs we deliver to support young people to re-engage with learning and re-connect to meaningful pathways. Access to these programs requires a Flexible Learning Options (FLO) enrolment. FLO is a Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) strategy that promotes a more flexible approach to learning in order to support young people who are disengaged or a risk of becoming disengaged from education. Targeted programs are delivered in partnership with a range of service providers and are supported by a multidisciplinary team of teachers, youth workers and support staff. These programs provide the flexibility to design learning and wellbeing programs that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the young person.

Our school has the highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the south - approximately 10% of our student population. We have an Aboriginal Education Team that supports students, staff and families so that our students engage in and achieve success with their learning.  Our school is a member of the SA Aboriginal Sports Training Academy which is an accredited learning program for young Aboriginal people interested in successful pathways in the sport and recreation industry.

We also provide opportunities for adults wishing to complete their secondary school education. For many years, our school has offered learning programs for adults wanting to re-engage with learning to improve opportunities for further education, training and employment. These adults have accessed SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects through our mainstream education program to complete their secondary education.

Staff at Christies Beach High School care deeply about the students we work with every day. We greatly value the positive partnerships we develop with families and the school community to achieve high standards, excellence and success for our students.


Graham Clark