Students in Year 8 and 9 belong to the Middle School.

In the Middle School we have a strong focus on developing positive relationships with students and their families. This actually begins as part of the transition process from primary school to our school. Our teachers are very caring and understand the changing needs of young adolescents.

Each student is assigned a Care Group teacher who is primarily responsible for the care of the student at school. The Care Group teacher is the first point of contact for parents/caregivers in all matters concerning their child’s schooling.

The overall learning and care of Middle School students is supported and monitored by a dedicated team of Year Level Leaders, the School Counsellors and the Assistant Principal.

Features of our Middle School that support student learning and care:

·         Smaller class size for all subjects.

·         Classes remain together for many lessons encouraging structured, stable relationships for students and the teachers.

·         Care Group teachers teach their Care Group for subjects where possible.

·         Small teaching teams that have a strong focus on student learning and well-being.

·         Student Learning and Intervention conferences support the review and further development of the student’s individual Learning Plan.

Year 8 and 9 Curriculum

In the Middle School students experience all aspects of the curriculum to gain the skills, knowledge and understandings essential for Senior School, where there are increased opportunities to select subjects that lead to university and /or vocational pathways.

Students in the Middle School study the Australian curriculum which includes:

·         English

·         Mathematics

·         Science

·         History and Geography

·         Languages (Indonesian)

·         Technologies (Wood, Metal, Electronics, Digital Design)

·         Heath and Physical Education, which includes Home Economics)

·         The Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Media)

Our teachers are highly skilled and are specialists in their learning areas. Each teacher spends time planning and organising learning that builds on the strengths, skills and knowledge of the students they are teaching.

Our Middle School buildings are a dedicated learning space for Middle School students. Students are based in the Middle School for English, Language, Mathematics and Humanities. Students move to other areas of the school for practical subjects.

Subject and Course Information

Subject selection is now online. Please click on the link below to access our subject and course information guide.