Negotiated Education Plans (NEP)


Students with Disabilities (SWD) who attend a DECD site have a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) which will are reviewed annually.

The NEP is jointly developed to help students, educators and families to jointly determine appropriate learning strategies and accommodations to successfully access the Australian Curriculum (Years 8-10) and the SACE (Years 11 and 12).


This process occurs under the leadership of the Assistant Principal - Intervention and Support, with a team consisting of Year Level Leaders, Assistant Principal - Flexible Learning Options, Counsellors, the Special Education Leader as well as DECD Support Services consultants, as appropriate to the student’s needs.

An outcome of these negotiations may result in targeted intervention programs and group curriculum support for mainstream Year 8 -10 students and 1:1 curriculum support for students in Years 11 and 12. 

English and Additional Language/Dialect (EALD)

Students from a non-English speaking or Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) background are supported at Christies Beach High School to improve their literacy achievement.

The Assistant Principal – Intervention and Support, leads a team of EALD trained teachers responsible for the delivery of support to students from a background where English is a second language at home. Students who are eligible are supported in mainstream classes by an EALD teacher who provides intensive instruction. 

EALD funding is based on the "gap" model where EALD support is determined by the difference between the language level required for curriculum success at each year level of schooling and the student’s actual level. A current EALD scale must be determined for each student by assessing their writing and entered annually as required by DECD. 

Bronwyn Phillips


Assistant Principal - Intervention and Support