Assessment and Reporting


At Christies Beach High School there is a high expectation for all students to achieve their personal best.

Assessment of student progress and achievement is an important part of ensuring student success. It provides feedback to students on how effective their learning has been and advice on how to improve their learning. Furthermore, assessment provides feedback to teachers on how effective their teaching has been.

All students are provided with a computer generated report on their progress and achievement four times per year, usually at the end of the term.

A-E grades are used to report student progress:

·         In Years 8-10 achievement is referenced against the Australian Curriculum Standards Achievement.

·         For the Personal Learning Plan (at Year 10) and Year 11 and 12, achievement will be referenced against the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Performance Standards.

Students with disabilities do not receive A-E achievement levels for the modified outcomes described in their Negotiated Education Plan (NEP). All other Learning Areas receive A-E achievement levels.

For Vocational Education and Training subjects (VET) competency based assessment is used. A student’s performance is judged against Australian Quality Training Framework Standards. The assessment must be conducted by a qualified assessor under the auspices of an RTO which may be a school, TAFESA campus or other VET provider.

Student Intervention Conferences provide an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to discuss the progress of students and strategies to support improvement if needed. However, parents/caregivers and teachers are encouraged, to contact each other at any time throughout the year when they feel student progress needs to be discussed.

Peter Charles


Deputy Principal