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Truancy and Detention

After-school (truancy) detention will continue in 2007..

  • It is held 2 nights a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays (in the Resource Centre).
  • It is supervised on a roster system of all staff.
  • It is held from 3.10pm until 4.00pm.
  • It is to be used primarily as a consequence for truancy, but could be also used by Subschool / Year Level Coordinators / Admin. only as a consequence for other misdemeanours.


  • Lunchtime detention will still exist as a consequence for uniform and lateness. It could also be used for truancy for those students whose parents do not want them detained after school.
  • No students to be detained after school except with parental consent, either in writing or via a phone call.
  • Where the allocated supervising teacher is unavailable on the night rostered he / she must arrange a swap and notify D.P. The D.P. will be responsible for drawing up the roster each term.